Qualities to Look for When Seeking a New Plumbing Company

Whether you just moved to a new location, your old plumber retired or you’re still on the hunt for a brand-new plumber, finding the right one can seem almost as hard as finding the right person to marry. There’s a certain set of qualities good San Antonio plumbers should possess—read on to determine your list of qualities and dealbreakers, then call Big City Plumbing, LLC today:

  • Experience: Naturally, you want a plumber who knows what they’re doing. Experience can come from trade school, from years of working on plumbing systems or from one-on-one training, and it doesn’t really matter how your plumber got their experience, so long as they have plenty of it. Make sure, if they have trade school training, that it’s from an accredited school.
  • Certification: Your plumber should be licensed, bonded and insured. This not only protects you if any errors are made and lead to damage, but you also need insurance to avoid liability if someone gets hurt on your property. Even the most careful plumber has an occasional accident, so don’t skimp on this requirement.
  • Coordination: When working in tight spaces and around delicate structures, equipment or possessions, a plumber needs to be coordinated enough to do the job without harming the plumbing or the structure itself. This tends to be a quality you can find out from previous customers or online reviews—if there’s a long pattern of specific negative feedback, such as “they damaged my property,” skip that company and move on to a different candidate.
  • Mechanical inclination: Naturally, a plumber needs a certain amount of mechanical inclination in order to do their job. They need to not only understand which component does which job, but why and how. This helps them analyze problems and troubleshoot any issues, as well as choose the appropriate equipment for the job.
  • Punctuality and professionalism: Showing up late to an appointment is a waste of everyone’s time, and certainly doesn’t make a customer feel like they’re a priority to the business. If your plumber gives you a window between 3 p.m. and 4:30 p.m., they should show up during that time, or at least let you know if they’ll be running late. It can be hard to predict how long certain jobs will take, especially if they run into unexpected circumstances, but a general ballpark should be adhered to whenever possible. When they’re actually in your home, they should treat it—and you—with respect. Again, this is something you can ask previous clients about, or look for in reviews.
  • Communication: Finally, communication is key. A good plumbing company needs to not only find, diagnose and repair issues, but they should also let you know what they’re doing and why. Great plumbers work with their customers to outline a potential treatment plan, explain why and what the general cost will be.

Looking for great San Antonio plumbers to work on the system in your home? Reach out to Big City Plumbing, LLC today to schedule an appointment.

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