Why a Plumber Is the Best Choice to Unclog Your Drain

A clogged drain is one of the most common plumbing problems. Your first instinct may be to try solving this issue yourself. You’ll grab a plunger or one of the many Drano-like products on the market that will claim to do the job.

While a plunger can take care of a minor clog, if it doesn’t do the trick, it’s time to call in a plumbing contractor in San Antonio, TX to get your plumbing flowing again. The fact is that the liquid drain cleaners on the market can ultimately do more harm than good. Here’s why a plumber is the best choice to get your drain working properly again.

Not every clog is the same

There’s no uniform solution that will work for every clog. This is exactly where liquid drain cleaners get it wrong—you simply dump them down the drain and hope they work. Even if things seem to improve for a little while, this can easily lead to an incomplete cleaning. That means parts of the clog remain in the pipes and will cause problems down the road.

A professional plumber has the equipment necessary to get the job done much more effectively. They may use a drain snake or a commercial-grade cleaner. They’ll provide a specific solution for the specific type of problem your drain is having.


You may think that a clogged drain is a simple problem that you’ll be able to fix in no time. This is not the case. Things can—and often do—go wrong with fixing any kind of plumbing problem. When this happens, things can get expensive, and fast. Your homeowners insurance isn’t going to cover the costs if you cause damage to your plumbing.

However, a professional plumber will always carry insurance. This will cover any damage in the unlikely event that a clogged drain causes additional problems in the pipes.

Plumbers come with experience

As a homeowner, you’ve probably dealt with a clogged drain or two. But a licensed plumber has years of experience, and likely thousands of clogged drains they’ve dealt with in the past. In addressing the problem for your situation, they’ll draw on that experience.

The best idea is to call a plumber to keep your drains and pipes running well all year long. A professional plumber can repair any problem you have, from a slow working drain to a toilet that’s not flushing correctly to a shower with low water pressure.

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