What’s New in Toilet Technology?

Over the last few years, great strides have been made in toilet technology. Hands-free flushing, heated seats, programmable bidets and more are now available. While many of these products have been on the market for a while, they are just starting to gain more popularity. Some of the most advanced new toilets, like Toto’s Neorest, offer features like an automatic deodorizing system and dual-flushing capabilities. Many of these new toilet systems can cost thousands of dollars, but some people find that the benefits outweigh the hefty price tag.

Even if you aren’t interested in upgrading your toilet, it’s good to stay aware of new technology. These toilet features will likely become more and more common as technology continues to advance. If you’re looking to upgrade your toilet, contact a professional plumbing contractor in San Antonio, TX to learn more about the latest advances in this area.

Hands-free flushing

One of the most interesting and useful advancements in new toilet technology is hands-free flushing systems. These devices use a sensor that allows you to wave your hand to initiate flushing. No longer will you have to worry about germs from the toilet handle!

You’ll be happy to know that these devices are becoming increasingly common, and are quite affordable. A good hands-free flushing system only costs around $100 and is easy to install on almost any toilet.

New odor-eliminating technology

As mentioned above, advanced toilets with odor-eliminating technology can cost thousands of dollars to purchase and install. There are, however, several companies offering their own version of odor-eliminating toilet seats at much more competitive prices.

Kohler’s Purefresh is one of the most popular deodorizing toilet seats currently on the market, and is available for around $65. This product works by forcing odors through a fan and filter system attached to the toilet. Several different scents are available for these filters.

Heated seats and bidets

Heated seats and bidets are available everywhere these days, but now more than ever, it’s easy to find them at affordable prices. It’s never fun to sit on a cold toilet seat early in the morning. You could easily remedy this by purchasing and installing a heated toilet seat, many of which are available for around $100.

People all over the world have bidets in their home, and it’s easy to see why. Bidets help save money on toilet paper, are better for the environment and make you feel cleaner. There are so many different bidets available that it’s easy to find one that meets your needs. They are also easy to install, and quite affordable.

If both of these technologies sound like they’d be ideal for your home, you’ll be pleased to learn there are many bidet/heated seat combos available as well!

Advanced toilets currently on the market

If you’re looking for a futuristic toilet seat, there are plenty available. Toto’s Neorest is an amazing product that features UV lights, a heated seat and deodorizing technology. This product also keeps itself clean with electrolyzed water. Other popular advanced toilets include the Kohler Numi, Neo Metro MiniLoo and more. Contact a local plumbing contractor in San Antonio, TX for information on upgrading your toilet!

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