Common Plumbing Problems in the Summer

We use a lot of water in the summer. When the weather heats up, the lawn will need more water, kids will be playing in sprinklers and we tend to take more showers because we’re outside doing things that make us sweaty. All this water use means that a plumbing problem could have an extra impact in summer.

Here are some common plumbing problems in the summer that might have you looking for plumbers in 78217, as well as some tips for avoiding them.

Summer plumbing issues

There are many things that can cause plumbing problems in the summer. Some plumbing issues can’t be avoided, like sewer backups caused by sudden and strong summer rainstorms—but even this issue can have its impact on your home minimized by installing drain plugs to prevent water from backing up in your sinks and bathtubs.

Another plumbing issue that can be especially problematic in summer is broken sprinkler heads. This can go unnoticed until it’s too late for both your lawn and your bank account. One way to know you have a broken sprinkler head that is continuously leaking water is if you notice that that area of your lawn is starting to die. Another sign is that your water bill is abnormally large. Especially in summer, when water conservation is most important, this can be a major problem if not addressed right away.

While garbage disposals are a marvel of modern home convenience, they can create plumbing problems if not used properly. Remember that it’s never a good idea to pour some things down the drain, even if you have a garbage disposal. This includes foods like used cooking oil or grease and coffee grounds. If your garbage disposal begins to clog, try flushing it with vinegar and hot (or boiling) water before calling a plumber in 78217.

A clogged toilet is a terrible problem to have in a home—especially with kids who might “just keep flushing” to try and solve the problem when there’s a backup. Make sure to let everyone in the home know what to do if there’s a backup, and keep a plunger by the toilet in case a problem arises.

Summer plumbing problem prevention tips

Here are a couple things you can do to help prevent plumbing problems before they arise in the summer months:

  • Look for leaks: Perform a comprehensive check for leaks in the faucets, in the pipes under the sink, bathtub and sprinklers and anywhere else water comes out in and around your home.
  • Take it easy on the washing machine: We tend to do more laundry in the summer months, but overfilling the washing machine can put added stress on the appliance and lead to it breaking—or worse—causing a plumbing problem.

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