Common DIY Plumbing Projects That Should Be Left to the Professionals

When something goes wrong with their plumbing system, many homeowners try to save some money by attempting repairs without the help of a professional. While some homeowners have success with DIY plumbing repairs, there are a lot of tasks that should be left to trained plumbers. Keep reading to learn more about some common DIY […]

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How Foundation Problems Can Cause Plumbing Leaks—and Vice Versa

Foundation Cracking

Your home’s foundation is its greatest structural support, keeping it level and stopping it from sinking into the ground. Many plumbing systems run under the foundation. Older homes tend to lack the moisture barrier that new homes are built with, so when a foundation shifts in an older home, it can cause plumbing problems. In […]

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The Top Causes of Plumbing Leaks

Leaking Bathroom Hose

Most homeowners and residents are mystified when an appliance or pipe starts leaking. Unless there was some damage to the area that we can remember, trying to determine why we have a plumbing leak can be confusing—but it’s important to identify the cause in order to prevent it from happening again. Hiring skilled plumbers in […]

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