Five Reasons Homeowners Hire Local Plumbers

There are few homeowner nightmares that compare to the plumbing catastrophe. When you face this crisis, chances are you rely on a local plumber. It is tempting to choose a plumber under a national franchise, because their name comes first when facing an emergency. However, the actual best course of action is to hire locally. Here are five reasons why local San Antonio plumbing contractors work best:

  • Quick response time: Many local plumbers keep after-hours services for emergencies. This extra effort is essential because when burst pipes or leaking hot water tanks flood your home, water damage is imminent. The quicker response you receive from a plumber, the less damage you face. Besides their availability, local plumbers do not have to travel far to get to you, which helps them arrive more quickly. You may not enjoy the same fast service when you call a national 1-800 number for your plumbing needs.
  • Better customer service: Local plumbers are part of your community. If they fail to pay attention or perform shoddy work, they know their lousy reputation spreads. This development never helps them build their business or inspire trust. When you go local, you hire someone with community links who wants to impress you and earn your trust. Many local plumbers communicate better and clean up thoroughly when the job is complete.
  • Local knowledge: Your city may have quirky permit requirements, architectural elements or plumbing and sewage attributes. Local plumbers experience these quirks regularly, and are ready to address them when they visit you. If your home is near a weird water table or faces other challenges, chances are the plumber is aware of these circumstances before they visit. This knowledge is critical if your area contains older plumbing made of unique materials that other plumbers do not handle regularly.
  • Work quality: Word spreads fast if a plumber does not meet expectations. Besides having background knowledge of your unique plumbing attributes and community quirks, local plumbers know that one job gone badly will become neighborhood news in no time. Therefore, they work to not only meet your expectations, but exceed them. If they make mistakes or overlook an issue, local plumbers are more likely to offer service warranties that support free follow-up repairs. No matter what, they will make it right!
  • Easily verified: If you hire a plumber for a big job, like installing additional toilets, water softeners or hot water tanks, you should check their license and insurance status. Local plumbers are easier to verify because they must register with state agencies. These resources are easily accessed online, and all you need to do is look them up by name or contractor number. National chains often register under different names, and that makes them harder to verify. Local plumbers are more straightforward.

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