Six Signs of Leaking Pipes

Leaking pipes waste water and raise utility bills. If you want to save money and avoid water damage to your home, you need to detect leaks early and call a plumber in to fix them. Fortunately, the signs are easy to recognize so you can address these issues fast. Here are six signs professional plumbing companies in San Antonio, TX find when you have leaking pipes:

  • Spike in your water bill: When the pipes leak, your water bill may double or even triple. It is a noticeable spike in your water expenses, not just a few dollars or an increase that could be attributable to a pool or hot tub. When you notice this spike, see if you can compare it to your bill a year ago to make sure it’s not excessive use. If you find a significant difference between now and a year ago, call a plumber to at least check for leaks.
  • Odors: Leaks cause water damage, and with that, musty smells. Many people assume the odor is a natural bathroom smell, but there is nothing ordinary about it. A household member could take five showers a day and still not produce a musty smell in your home. So, if you notice odors, chances are you have a leaking pipe.
  • Mold and mildew: You typically smell mold and mildew before you see it. It’s usually the cause of musty smells, and indicates your home suffers water damage. But if you see them, it is time to act. A little mold and mildew before shower scrubbing is typical, but if you see it in tub sealant, baseboards, ceilings or floors, you have a big problem. Check for pipe leaks, and once plumbing issues are repaired, call a mold remediation company immediately.
  • Stains: Leaking water stains walls, ceilings and floors. They start as dingy spots that are especially noticeable on white walls and ceilings, and then they grow to something more unsightly. If you continue ignoring them, you will notice sagging and warping within walls and ceilings. Floor spots become soft and spongy. Eventually, these areas collapse and cause additional damage to your home.
  • Running meter: Your meter should stop and rest when you are not running water. But if you notice it continues to run even as appliances are off and toilets are not flushing, something is seriously amiss. In most cases, that something is a leaking pipe.
  • Outdoor wet spots: If the weather is dry and you are not running sprinklers, it goes without saying your yard should be dry, too. But if you see puddles near your home or on the lawn, chances are you have a leaking pipe, and the water is pooling up. If you ignore it, you will eventually face structural damage and mold. Investigate the standing water immediately.

Big City Plumbing, LLC is a professional plumbing company in San Antonio, TX. We offer plumbing services for residential and commercial locations and take a hassle-free and straightforward approach to all our work. Contact us today if you notice any signs of leaking pipes.

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