Is It Time to Replace Your Toilet? Here Are Some Important Signs to Watch For

Nobody wants to deal with a plumbing emergency, but some problems are unavoidable—especially when plumbing systems aren’t cared for or maintained properly. One of the best ways to avoid plumbing emergencies is to be proactive about care and maintenance. Take your toilet, for example—if your toilet isn’t in great condition, it might be time for replacement. Keep reading to learn about how to identify the signs that it’s time to replace your toilet with help from reliable emergency service plumbers in San Antonio, TX.

Signs it’s time for toilet replacement

Here are some of the most important signs to look for to indicate when it’s time to replace a toilet:

  • Leaking: Leaks can range in seriousness, and they can cause all kinds of problems. In many cases, leaks go undetected and contribute to extensive water damage around toilets. Oftentimes, leaks are located beneath the surface and won’t result in water pooling visibly around the toilet. One way to determine if your toilet is leaking is by paying attention to your water bill and checking for any unexpected spikes in water use that might be explained by a plumbing leak.
  • Constantly running toilet: Another common toilet problem is constant running. Typically, toilets run for a few moments after flushing to refill the bowl with water, but constantly running toilets continue adding water to the bowl. Not only can this cause an annoying noise, it is also a major waste of water that can drive up your monthly water bills. Sometimes, this issue can be solved with some simple repairs, but it might be necessary to replace the toilet entirely depending on how bad the problem is and the age of the toilet.
  • Clogging: It’s normal for toilets to clog every once in a while, but frequent clogs might indicate that it’s time to get a new toilet. Clogging is an especially big problem with older toilets, but it can also be an issue with some newer toilets. The issue might have something to do with the plumbing system, so it’s best to get the problem assessed by reliable emergency service plumbers in San Antonio, TX to find out how to address it.
  • Cracked tank: Cracked tanks can cause leaks that damage flooring, tile and grout. Cracks can appear on the inside or outside of toilets, so it’s a good idea to perform a thorough inspection if you suspect there might be a crack in your toilet. Depending on how bad the crack is, it might be necessary to replace the toilet altogether.

Hire reliable emergency service plumbers in San Antonio, TX

If you’re looking for help from reliable emergency service plumbers in San Antonio, TX, reach out to Big City Plumbing, LLC. We are a family owned and operated company with many years of experience providing residential plumbing services. Whether your toilet has been exhibiting signs of problems for a while or you’ve only recently noticed it’s having some issues, our team is here to help with toilet repair and maintenance services. Call us today to learn more or schedule an appointment with one of our technicians.

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