Easy To Follow Tricks For Reducing Toilet Water Use

Toilets can be a heavy source of water usage in your home, especially if you have an older one. Newer toilets use about a gallon of water per flush, but they can still waste a lot of water without you knowing. Read on to learn about different tips to reduce toilet water usage.

Displace the Tank Water

You can place an object in your tank that lessens the amount of water that fills in the tank between flushes. You can use things like a brick or a gallon filled with small rocks. Be careful of using materials that can break apart as they can cause issues with the other mechanisms of the toilet. With water use reduction, you’ll save lots of money on your bill.

Change the Flapper Valve

Flapper valves that do not close properly can waste a lot of water. You’ll notice signs of a worn or broken flapper, and it’s a project that can quickly be completed. 

Check for Signs of Leaks

Toilet leaks are a significant source of water waste. You can check for signs of leaks using dye. Place the dye into your tank, and don’t flush your toilet. You can check the bowl in a few hours to see if any color leaked. Any broken pieces need to be fixed to stop leaks. Leaks can also cause damage to your home, so you’ll want to fix them quickly.

Purchase a Low-Flow Toilet

Not all toilets are made the same. High-efficiency toilets or low-flow toilets can save several gallons per flush. Many older toilets can use as much as five to seven gallons per flush, while a low-flow toilet uses only a little bit over one. These toilets are more expensive up front, but you will save a lot of money in the long run.

Change the Filling Valve

If you notice noises or it is taking a long time for your toilet to fill, it might be caused by the filler valve. The valve allows water into the toilet after you flush it. Once it is clogged or dirty, it does not function properly. It takes water longer to fill your tank. Always consult a professional plumber if you are unsure how to fix your toilet.

Monitor the Water Line

Deteriorated rubber stoppers can create a passageway for water to seep through. If you replace the gasket with a new one, the toilet will run more efficiently.

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