How To Clean a Garbage Disposal

Having a good plumbing and drainage system in your home is very important. One part of your kitchen’s drainage system is a garbage disposal. This feature allows you to put food down a drain and will chop the food into smaller particles to help prevent clogs. While a garbage disposal can last for a long time, it will require some maintenance and cleaning occasionally. There are various tips for garbage disposal cleaning that should be followed. 

Check for Clogs

An important part of sink maintenance is to check for clogs. A kitchen sink should drain quickly and allow water to flow through it smoothly. If there is a clog, it could be due to food particles stuck inside. You can try to clear this up by turning on the garbage disposal. If that does not work, a plunger can help loosen the clogs. If a plunger still does not work, you should turn off the power to the garbage disposal and try to use a large spoon to fish anything out. You may also need to remove a pipe under the sink to fully clear out any clogs. 

Baking Soda and Vinegar

Ensuring the sink drain is not clogged is very important. However, due to the number of food particles that it touches regularly, a garbage disposal can start to give off a foul smell even if it is working well. If this is the case for your garbage disposal, you will be able to clean it by using baking soda and vinegar. 

If you want to clean the garbage disposal, you should sprinkle the baking soda and pour the vinegar down the drain onto a dry disposal blade. You can then leave this sitting for about ten minutes before turning on the water and the disposal blades. Doing this will help to disinfect the disposal blades and can help to freshen up the smell. 

Proper Practice Care

While you should try to clean the garbage disposal at least once per month, proper use and care of the disposal is also a great way to ensure it remains in good condition. While a garbage disposal is quite durable, you should be careful about what you put down it. You should always avoid putting down hard food particles, such as egg or nutshells, that are difficult to break up. Also, if there are large portions of food, it could overload the disposal and lead to clogs. If large food items were not eaten, it would be smarter to throw them out in the garbage.

Cleaning your garbage disposal regularly is an important part of the overall sink and disposal maintenance. By following these tips, you can properly clean your sink and disposal. This can help you avoid clogs, extend the useful life of the garbage disposal, and keep your kitchen smelling fresh and clean. 

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