September 23, 2022

Plumbing Service

"My mother and I were very pleased with the plumbing work she received from Big City Plumbing today. Rafaela was courteous and concise when I called for an estimate. Joey and Joseph did exemplary work installing a new toilet, installing a minor toilet rebuild for her other toilet, installing a new kitchen faucet, and replacing two kitchen faucet cut off valves. We were both pleased with their expertise concerning her plumbing needs. We highly recommend Joey and Joseph from Big City Plumbing for their excellent work!"
September 23, 2022

Plumbing Service

"Big City Plumbing did such a fabulous job with my mother’s plumbing needs yesterday. I requested Joey again for my installation of my two minor toilet rebuild at my house today. Joey and Craig did an excellent job! I appreciate Rafaela for her fantastic customer service. I am very pleased with Big City Plumbing."
September 19, 2022

Mr. & Mrs. Charles Kendrick

"Thank you for allowing me an opportunity to review Luis, Raphaela, and Big City Plumbing. From the beginning, Raphaella encouraged us by giving us a specific day only day & half later. She even offered a most helpful suggestion to cut off water to that toilet & use toilet in another bathroom, absence of that sound of wasted water & cost was good surprising temporary fix. Next, essential member of your Big City Plumbing team, Luis, called us to tell us his approximate arrival time. Although he was taking his lunch then , it must have been a short one since he arrived early & looked happy & ready to solve our problem. His receipt included 10, yes 10 pictures of contributors to our toilet & disposal which I thought I would need to replace. He thought it was just jammed & he was correct. I could hardly believe our luck since my husband had spent countless hours trying to give me a water-free sink by setting reset button & plungering it every few days. So many thanks, Luis & Rafaela, for solving problems we had worried about for so long. As a Type 1 Juvenile Diabetic, I must use that bathroom every middle of night + as a Vegan & lifelong cook, I must clean all my fresh produce in kitchen sink. Luis tried to save us by proactively offering an annual plan with a free annual water heater flush. I regretted later that I maybe should’ve accepted that offer since I recalled the agony of my husband’s hot water tank fix some years. Today I wanted to do a review for an unsurpassed plumbing experience! Raphaella happily devised a way to make it easier for me & other customers to do this. I plan to heartily recommend your company to all 15 owners of homes in our area. We really enjoyed the personal touch Luis & Raphaella brought to yesterday’s plumbing experience!!! We have always been fearful of cost, experience, & further problems from plumbing visits. Not at all with Big City Plumbing. You & your staff brought professionalism to our family. Most appreciatively, Lydia & Charles Kendrick "
September 15, 2022

David DeRyke | 2022-09-14 15:10:12

"Gerald and his partner demonstrated a high level of competency performing the plumbing maintenance services. We’ll continue to use bigcityplumbing for plumbing services on both our residences . They come highly recommended. "
August 17, 2022

Glen Anderson | 2022-08-16 22:05:04

"We love these guys! You won't find a better plumbing company A General has 4 stars and Big City Plumbing has 5. That's how good they are!"