February 8, 2019

Dave C. | 2019-02-06 15:06:49

"I've used Big City Plumbing several times and I've been very pleased with their services. Everyone at this company is pleasant and very professional. Scheduling is easy and the staff does a great job at communicating their arrival times, so you have a good idea of when to expect them. The plumbers themselves are very knowledgeable and helpful. Overall, working with Big City Plumbing has been a great experience. I recommend them highly."
February 8, 2019

Loretta H. | 2019-02-06 15:06:27

"Called them this morning and they were there within 2 hours. Did a great professional job and even texted me a pic of the plumber and his history coming. Thank u!"
January 11, 2019

Dana Martinez | 2019-01-07 15:29:50

"A week ago, one side of a rental duplex property had a water leak. I had asked some friends I know for names and numbers of plumbers. Got responses, called and no answer. Then I remembered about Big City Plumbing. I knew the wife of the owner and had referred people to them before, but I had never personally used their service. So I called to see if the could come for an estimate. They were booked solid for the day, but they said yes, they would fit me in. I called back 2 hours later and changed my call from an estimate to repair. They said no problem. On a bay they are booked solid. A hour goes by and I get a text from a number I am not familiar with. I open the text, it is a photo of Homer, from Big City Plumbing, he will be the plumber that will be coming to my address and will be there shortly. That is amazing. especially since I have not used this company before, I am now aware of who the plumber is, what he looks like and a time frame. In this day in age, that is above and beyond! Then he shows up, my father explains the situation, voices all his concerns and everything he wants looked at, fixed and checked. Homer does everything my father asked, was very professional, did not talk down to my father nor did he assume my father knew what he meant to say. Homer took his time, did an amazing job. Was so professional. My father was pleased. Today, the other side of the duplex had an emergency. I called Big City Plumbing, they were open today, Audra is so sweet and professional. Sets up an appointment for me and less than an hour later, I get a text message from Big City Plumbing with a picture of Charlie who will arrive shortly! Charlie gets here, fixes the problem, is so nice, professional, patient, courteous and did an impeccable job. I have never had this type of professionalism and courteousness from a company. From the moment you call for assistance till the moment they drive away. We will now only use Big City Plumbing!"
December 31, 2018

Cris | 2018-12-27 18:25:04

"Excellent service contacted BCP needed to replace my water heater & the technicians were professional /on time & briefed me on the exactly what they did they even fixed my master bedroom toilet on the spot . Great company will recommend to all my friends . Thanks again ! "
December 14, 2018

Gerda Jacobs | 2018-12-12 20:48:00

"I had a stopped up commode and called Big City Plumbing. They came within a couple of hours and detected the problem immediately. The 2 technicians were professional and thorough. I will use them again."