August 9, 2018

Tom J. | 2018-08-08 20:11:27

"Big City plumbing did a fantastic job. My water heater was about 10 years old and needed replacing. I called 3 of the top 5 plumbers in the San Antonio area according to yelp and all gave me quotes over the phone for replacing a 40 gallon gas heater in the attic. Big City plumbing was $500 less than the number one rated plumber on Yelp (BG Plumbing) for the same brand heater. In addition, they were extremely responsive on both email and the phone. The morning of the service call I received a text with a photo and resume of the plumber who would be doing the install as a well as a call letting me know he was on the way. All the work was done extremely well and for exactly the amount quoted (even though it probably required a little more work than expected due to some issues with the original heater installation). Highly recommended!"
August 9, 2018

Mary W. | 2018-08-08 20:10:59

"They came, they diagnosed, and they fixed it better than it was before. Recently purchased a home with a sewer leak, bathroom issues, and hot water problems. They fixed them all and upgraded as needed. Their technicians were knowledgeable and patient with their explanations, and Travis (the owner) is easy to work with. I highly recommend Big City Plumbing."
June 11, 2018

Marion J. | 2018-06-08 16:57:05

"We have used Big City Plumbing for eight years and all ways had a great experience. The company has grown during this time, that is the only change. They a pleasant, personable, arrive when they say, the service is done right and they are CLEAN."
June 11, 2018

Melinda D. | 2018-06-08 16:57:30

"I called Big City Plumbing after dealing with other companies. Robert came out and explained what we need to do, estimated how long it would take, and provided me with a quote. He even suggested to call and ask for a discount after purchasing a part from them. Everyone I spoke with at Big City Plumbing were courteous and willing to listen to me. Great customer service!!"
May 23, 2018

Sue T | 2018-05-22 16:43:04

"Toby arrived on time, assessed the situation at hand, and corrected the problems efficiently and effectively. No fuss, no mess, just excellent service with a smile. Hard to find a good plumber these days, but here is a fine place to start!"