February 23, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:23:17

"After 40 yrs with the same plumber, we decided to give Big City Plumbing a try. We were experiencing problems with our sewer so they came and fixed the problem. In their search for the cause, it was determined that a new sewer line was needed. Based on the charge for this service, which was approximately $500 less than what our longtime plumber had quoted us, we obtained an estimate from Big City Plumbing for the replacement of the sewer line. Their estimate was A LOT less than what our plumber had quoted us so we gave them our business. Charlie, Pete and Luis were very professional and friendly and not to mention the efficiency of the office staff in keeping us updated and informed. Since we mentioned that we previously bad experiences with contractors for work done to our home, we were being cautious. The company owner, Travis, came out personally to speak to us which said a lot about their integrity. We HIGHLY RECOMMEND Big City Plumbing."
February 21, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:23:09

"Big City Plumbing is awesome. Working with Patricia at the office to schedule the repair she was great giving us updates about when they thought they would make it to our house after the deep freeze of February 2021. The plumbers led by Charlie called the night before to tell us we were on the schedule for the next morning. Texted us when they were on the way, they came when they said they would be there, explained our choices and options. Fixed the initial problem, then checked every faucet, toilet, shower/bath, all outside faucets, and the outdoor shower, where they found another problem, before they left. The bill was very reasonable, no flat prices that end up charging you a lot of money for something that takes them 15 minutes. Explained what to do next time to protect the one area that failed. his is the third time we have used Big City Plumbing in the last 5 years. First they replace all of our outside water lines, which did not freeze! Then then fixed a minor pin hole in a old copper water line. This time they replaced all of the copper piping that was installed by a plumber used by our general contractor during the remodel that froze and split during the freeze. Thank you so much we enjoy working with Travis' team and Big City Plumbing."
February 20, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:23:03

"This company is so great! Fast, friendly, and reasonably priced. Joey&Louis were the most professional and kind plumbers. They really helped my Mom out she lives in Windcrest and needed their help right away during the crazy snow of 2021. Thank you so much!! We will refer you to everyone we know!"
February 19, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:22:57

"Big City Plumbing is awesome! They've been great customers for several years where I work and have always been easy to work with. I had the pleasure of being their customer today. Like most people in our area, I had a pipe burst with the winter storm and was without water. I reached out to Big City Plumbing and they got us taken care of as fast as they could. Understanding that they're busier than ever and they're trying to take care of everyone, I was so happy to see them as quick as we did. We were fortunate enough to have our leak not damage the main part of the house but rather a small corner of the garage. It was almost impossible to repair the broken pipe so they replaced the line coming into the house with a new line and added an easy access shut off valve right by the garage. Both Homer and Travis were professional, respectful, and easy to work with. With as much work as I'm sure they're having to do, I was impressed with how relaxed and professional they were about things. I can't say enough about how great everyone was during this fiasco. They got our water on and made sure that the new pipes were well insulated so that we shouldn't have this problem again. Big City Plumbing is a fantastic company, with great people from top to bottom. You can tell that they genuinely care about their work, their team, and their community. Thank you all so much for the work you did and the work you are doing to help our community."
February 15, 2021

David | 2021-02-10 17:51:15

"Joey and Luis did a great job repairing two issues that needed to be fixed as part of our home inspection and sale process. They worked through lunch so that they could get the job done in one day, and were happy to answer any of my questions and concerns. This job involved crawling under the house to fix a pipe under the bathroom and they had to change plans a couple times but still were able to get it all done and at a reasonable price. I will call them again if needed and recommend them."