March 22, 2021

"You guys are top notch. I waited and it was worth the wait. I realize after the big polar vortex hit it was going to be bad but you guys stayed in communication with me and thats a plus. "
March 15, 2021

Carroll | 2021-03-11 22:47:35

"Cris and John were prompt, personable and professional. Our plumbing problem was quickly assessed and efficiently returned to normal. Thank you for what is always good service from Big City!"
March 9, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:24:02

"James and Joey were the best! So grateful you fixed my drips. Thanks so much!"
March 5, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:23:49

"We have used Big City Plumbing many times. They are always friendly and professional. Our sewer line backed up. Horrible! I called Big City at 6:46 am and left message on machine. To my surprise I received a call back at 7:05 am. The woman that called was very understanding and said they would check their schedule, but would have someone out same day and she would call me back with time, etc. She called back at 1032 am and told me Joey would be at my house within 3 hours. She asked me the standard COVID questions and assured me everyone would wear a mask and would abide by COVID protocols. I really like the fact that Big City sends a text before arrival with a picture and some information on workers. Joey and Louis arrived on time and both were professional, yet friendly. They checked the problem, gave me a price and my options and got the job done. Masks were worn at all times. They are a good representation of Big City. I want to thank Big City again for prompt action. I know with the recent freeze, they must have been very busy, but made the time to help a previous customer. And because you never know about plumbing, I’m sure a future customer."
March 3, 2021

2021-04-08 | 17:23:41

"2nd time using big city plumbing, recommend originally from a friend. I had a mushy wall in the bathroom and wet spots all over the house. I was very concerned it was multiple issue, Homer came out and was able to discover the issue fairly quickly that it all stemmed from the shower leaking on inside of the wall. He replaced the shower head and cartridge and installed a new toilet for me. These plumbers and big city plumbing are working their tails off to take care of their customers, Homer came out at 6pm with a smile under his mask (i could see through it) and was super helpful and gave me a full run down of costs and fees. Nothing hidden no extra charges in the end, highly recommend this company for any plumbing issues!!!"