December 12, 2017

Jimmie D. | 2017-12-11 17:43:07

"I have had these guys out to do a few little things for my house as it is old, and needed the work. They came out, and knocked out my issues in minutes. Pricing was fair, and I have no complaints. I will be using them again!"
November 1, 2017

Dale F Leeper | 2017-10-31 20:42:58

"Appreciate the good job Homer!"
October 10, 2017

Anthony Bennett | 2017-10-09 21:33:33

"I've had them replace a water heater, install a water softener and replace 5 bathroom faucets. Very thorough and reliable. Great pricing and friendly/informative plumbers."
July 14, 2017

B Berchelmann | 2017-07-14 15:09:11

"You know how you have a company come into your home for the first time and you're hoping and praying they'll be GOOD, HONEST, and COMPETENT? That they care about hiring people who are warm and have a kindness about them? Well, that's my review for Big City Plumbing. I can't say enough nice things about the integrity of the owner, Travis Chapman, and his crew - Tony Solis and Cole (sorry Cole, I don't remember your last name). It trickles from the top down, of course, and water seeks its own level. I know anyone using this company will have the same experience I have. Not only that, their prices are very reasonable, so you get value for excellent service. "
June 12, 2017


"I placed a service call and the plumber arrived within thirty minutes. He diagnosed the problem, gave me an estimate and began work. He replaced the faucet (with a better one he had on his truck). It was physically the same as my old one, but of much higher quality. He was quick, did his job, cleaned up everything and was on his way in a very timely manner. "